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Steve Roth Looks at Europe v. US

On July 22, 2010, in Uncategorized, by admin

While I’ve put up a few posts looking at how tax burdens affect changes over the length of Presidential administrations, business cycles, and across states, I’ve had some people ask me about country comparisons. I haven’t done any (yet), but Steve Roth, who has done some similar work on his blog, mentioned in comments that he has looked at growth in Europe v. the US. The post doesn’t include tax burdens, but it is interesting nevertheless.

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  1. Steve Roth says:

    Hey Mike:

    Just to note that I have looked quite a bit at taxes versus GDP growth in prosperous countries. Results are basically the same as what you’ve found in the US. (Follow the “Related links” at the bottom of each post to see even more.)




    And the professional economists agree:


    Though some of them hide their own results, presumably because they don’t support their preferred party line:


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